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The goal of the Family Caring Center is not only to help families through difficult times, but also to enable them to find permanent housing and learn how to live productive and fulfilling lives.

Why do people need the Family Caring Center?

Families can become homeless for all sorts of reasons, including physical abuse, alcohol or drug dependency, eviction, fire or flood. Each family's situation is unique, and for that reason, we can provide accommodations for as long as their situation deems appropriate.

What can the Family Caring Center do for my family?
We can provide you with a variety of resources that will help get you back on your feet. For example, we provide families with counseling and instruction on daily living skills. We also help families and individuals schedule appointments for housing, employment, job training, public assistance and school. In addition, we will provide your family with three nutritious meals per day, as well as snacks for your children throughout the day.

What does the Family Caring Center have to offer my children?
We feel it is important for children to have a sense of stability in their lives. Thus, we arrange for transportation so children can continue to attend their regular schools. We also provide children with daily reading programs, after school programs and homework assistance. We offer field trips, free play time, exercise, music, games, toys and books for the children.

Will my family be able to stay together in the Family Caring Center?
Yes. We believe it is crucial for families to stay together during their problem times. Consequently, the Family Crisis Center offers units designed to house entire families. It is the only shelter in the Pittsburgh area that can accommodate families in this way.

Is there a safe place for my children to play?
Yes. Children can take part in a number of playful activities including riding bicycles and learning to use computers.

Will the Family Caring Center provide the same services to single-father families?
Yes. We recognize the fact that single father families make up a growing segment of the homeless population. This is the only facility in Pittsburgh that accepts single fathers and their children.

How can I volunteer my time to help the Family Caring Center?
Volunteers with special vocations help by providing services such as legal aid, medical and dental work, education and mental health support. We also have volunteers who can teach parenting skills and coordinate activities for the children. Call The Salvation Army Family Caring Center at 412-362-0891 for more information.


The Family Caring Center is funded through the United Way, government grants, private foundations and individual donors. Clients are charged a minimal fee, based upon their ability to pay.

For program or volunteer information or for more information about admission, please call the Family Caring Center at 412-362-0891.


9:30 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM Morning Worship


6:30 PM Children's Bible Study


10:00 AM SALT Outreach

6:00 Music Instruction


6:00 PM Music Instruction


6:00 Family

Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-2:30 PM Adult Job Readiness Program
Monday-Friday 3:00 PM-6:00 PM Afterschool Assistance

Major Asenath Clarke, Corps Officer Email 412-362-0891 ext 103
Envoy John Barnett, FCC Director Email 412-362-0891 ext 113
Sr. Michele Farabaugh, Social Worker Email 412-362-0891 ext 101
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Updated:  March 1, 2016