We realize that an unexpected tragedy or crisis has no bias toward any person. Each one of us could find ourselves in a situation where we need extra support to see our way through and recover. That is where The Salvation Army steps in –when an existing support system is not able to help. Whether it be loss of a job or continued unemployment, the sudden loss of a household provider or a disaster like a house flood or fire; chances are, you know someone who is going through a difficult situation. 


Many families are just one paycheck, one medical bill or one home repair away from losing everything. These situations do not discriminate based on income, education or stature - they can happen to anyone at any time. During these difficult times, The Salvation Army is there to lend support and restore hope to those who feel that all is lost. 


Funds raised for the New Face of Need Campagin support program ensures that the immediate needs of those served are met, but also provide tools for creating a much improved future situation. Individual, children and families in need are offered educational, vocational and counseling services. Health issues, mental and physical, are addressed. All of these services combined nurture and prepare families and individuals for a safe and independent lifestyle.




To support The Salvation Army New Face of Need Workplace Giving Campaign, individual donors may give by check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to The Salvation Army New Face of Need and sent to The Salvation Army, New Face of Need, PO Box 742, 700 North Bell Avenue, Carnegie, PA 15106. All donations will remain in the community designated by the donor. For credit card contributions or more information on the New Face of Need Workplace Giving Campaign, call Salvation Army Divisional Director of Fundraising, Lauren Brant at 412-446-1644.