Western Pennsylvania Divisional Headquarters Employees:

Major Deborah Sedlar
Divisional Commander

Personnel Department/Allegheny County Operations:

Major Thomas Lyle
General Secretary
Allegheny County Coordinator

Major Margaretta Ivarsson
Divisional Secretary/Westmoreland County Coordinator

Angela Panek
Human Resources Manager

Major Asenath Clarke
Allegheny County Social Services Secretary; Allegheny County Operations; Pastoral Caregiver for Single Women Officers; Pastoral Caregivers of African Descent

Development Department:

Fran Brace
Director of Development and Service Extension Director

Donna Fencik
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Lauren Brant
Divisional Director of Fundraising

Zack D'Ulisse
Graphic & Web Creative Design Manager

Wendy Jankowski
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Lisa Young
Planned Giving Director

Dianne Picard
Planned Giving Coordinator

Cheryl Lockhart
Manager of Direct Mail Services;
Planned Giving/Donor Relations Assistant

Keith Gmiter
Senior Donor Relations Director

Darcy Kucenic
Donor Relations Director

Carolyn Morrison
Donor Relations Administrative Assistant

Andrew Cader
Project Bundle-Up Director

Erin Ehrlich
Project Bundle-Up Coordinator

Ellen Benedetto
Service Unit Coordinator

Lois Newton
Service Unit Secretary

Cherie Hugh
Development Coordinator

Business Administration:

Major Mitchell Brown
Divisional Financial Secretary

Major Duane Harris
Assistant Financial Secretary

Major Brian Merchant
Finance Officer

Dale Snyder
Divisional IT Manager

Nathan Young 


Social Services Department:

Gerald Johns
Social Services Director

Fran Lewis
Assistant Social Services Director;
God Sent Grandparents Support Group Director

Program Section:

Major Dona Brown
Older Adult Ministries Secretary;
Women's Auxiliaries Secretary

Major Laura Lyle
Program Secretary;
Women's Ministries Secretary

Major Kim Harris
Assistant Program Secretary;
Women's Ministries Secretary

Major Amy Merchant

Women's Auxiliary Secretary;
Lay Leadership Development Secretary; Social Justice Secretary;Treasures For Children Program

Youth Department/Camp Allegheny:

Major David Rhodes II

Captain Pamela Rhodes

Emergency Disaster Services (EDS):

Michael Riemer
EDS Director

Kody Crosson
Assistant EDS Director

Reid Scharding
Facilities Manager

William Hardy
Fleet Operations Manager

John Hlafcsak
Business Manager of Re-Sale Shop

Thomas Perez
Operations and Volunteer Coordinator

Bob Finan
Warehouse Coordinator