Western Pennsylvania Divisional Headquarters Employees:

Major Raphael Jackson
Divisional Commander

Major Sandra Jackson
Spiritual Life Development Secretary

Personnel Department/Allegheny County Operations:

Major Philip A. Lloyd
General Secretary

Erica Washington
Human Resources Manager

Development Department:

Fran Brace
Director of Development and Service Extension Director

Lauren Brant
Divisional Director of Fundraising

Stephanie Rex
Director of PR/Marketing

Zack D'Ulisse
Graphic & Web Creative Design Manager

Wendy Jankowski
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Lisa Young
Planned Giving Director

Dianne Picard
Planned Giving Coordinator

Cheryl Lockhart
Manager of Direct Mail Services;
Planned Giving/Donor Relations Assistant

Darcy Kucenic
Senior Donor Relations Director

Erin Ehrlich
Donor Relations Director

Carolyn Morrison
Donor Relations Administrative Assistant

Andrew Cader
Project Bundle-Up Director

Victoria Gill
Project Bundle-Up Coordinator

Ellen Benedetto
Service Unit Coordinator

Lois Newton
Service Unit Secretary

Cherie Hugh
Development Coordinator

Business Administration/Program Department:

Major Jodi E. Lloyd
Program Secretary

Major Migdalia Lavenbein
Divisional Candidates' Secretary
Associate Divisional Youth Secretary

Major Timothy K. Lavenbein
Divisional Youth Secretary
Associate Divisional Candidates' Secretary

Major Amy Merchant
Women's Ministries Secretary

Major Brian Merchant
Finance Officer

Major Kathleen M. Waddell
Special Projects Officer

Captain Debra L. Laro
Command KeepSAfe Coordinator
Retired Officer Representative

Captain Michael Laro
Finance Secretary

Captain Sharon Tressler
Finance Officer
Fellowship of the Silver Star Secretary; Retired Officer Representative

Captain Ted Tressler III
Finance Officer
Community Care Ministries Secretary; Veterans Affairs Representative

Dale Snyder
Divisional IT Manager

Nathan Young 

Brad LaBarbera

Emergency Disaster Services (EDS):

Michael Riemer
EDS Director

Kody Crosson
Assistant EDS Director

Reid Scharding
Facilities Manager

William Hardy
Fleet Operations Manager

John Hlafcsak
Business Manager of Re-Sale Shop

Thomas Perez
Operations and Volunteer Coordinator

Bob Finan
Warehouse Coordinator