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Salvation Army worship centers reflect the vitality of a living God to a needy world. Through 30 worship centers division-wide, The Army brings to life the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Salvation Army officers are ordained ministers, overseeing the religious and social ministries of The Army in their area. The congregation is made up of "soldiers," individuals committed to the doctrines of The Salvation Army, and "adherents," persons who by attendance and support consider The Salvation Army their place of worship. All are welcome to worship our living, loving God.

The Salvation Army also provides Christian education for youth and adults during Sunday morning worship services. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Some programs we offer:

  • Church - The Salvation Army is a church offering Sunday school, Sunday Worship Service, Junior Church and Bible Study. Parents and their children are welcome to join us in celebrating God and learning more about Him.
  • Women's Ministries - The goal of The Salvation Army's Women's Ministries is to bring women into the knowledge of Jesus Christ, encourage their full leadership potential pertaining to family, friends and community, equipping them for growth in personal understanding and in life skills, and to address issues that affect women and their families around the world. Learn more about Women's Auxiliaries
  • Bible Study
  • Sunday School
  • Men's Fellowship - The Salvation Army offers this time to address the unique issues of male identity, character development, and leadership. Through this fellowship they can organize community service projects, special events, and weekend retreats. Issues of substance abuse, resisting street violence, relationships, and more can be addressed freely in this guided peer to peer setting. Men are welcome and encouraged to exercise their integrity and promote well-being for themselves and others as they develop and employ important leadership skills.

Please visit our locations page to find a worship center near you.