Support The Salvation Army's Red Shield Campaign and Help Provide:


Poverty Relief  •  Shelter  •  Disaster Relief  •  Nutritious Food  •  HOPE


Funds raised for the Red Shield Campaign directly support programming including Emergency Disaster Services, The Family Caring Center homeless shelter, and Comprehensive Social Services. Not only do these programs ensure that the immediate needs of those served are met, but The Salvation Army also provides tools to help clients create an improved future situation. Individuals, children and families in need are offered educational, vocational and counseling services. Health issues, mental and physical, are addressed. The Salvation Army uses a holistic approach to nurture and prepare families and individuals for a safe and independent lifestyle.




Your contibution to the Red Shield Campaign will go directly to funding THREE major Salvation Army programs:

Comprehensive Social Services

The Salvation Army provides grocery assistance, meals, clothing, lodging, rent assistance, utility assistance, medical and dental assistance, Christmas support (food and toys), back-to-school supplies and agency referrals to needy families in Allegheny County. In many cases, immediate assistance can be given to these families at one of our Worship and Service Centers

Special care is taken to treat those requesting assistance with dignity and respect. Assistance is assessed on a personal basis, and clients are directed to The Salvation Army facility within their zip-code area. The system eliminates duplication and ensures that funds and support are handled efficiently and effectively. This network of social service programs are designed to assist vulnerable adults, families and children.


The Family Caring Center

Located in East Liberty, The Family Caring Center is the only shelter in Greater Pittsburgh that houses entire families, including single mothers fathers. We help these families make ends meet and raise their children. Your donation goes to these struggling families during harsh economic times, helping them stay together and stay strong.

Each year, 125 to150 families find refuge in The Salvation Army's Family Caring Center. These families of all statuses—couples with children, single mothers with children, single fathers with children—are in situations that threaten to leave them to the streets. They suffer from eviction, domestic abuse, substance abuse, emergency situations such as fires and floods, and other crisis situations, leaving them homeless and oftentimes panicked. The Salvation Army rescues them from this time of alarm and shelters them in the Family Caring Center.

The Salvation Army teaches life skills that educate the family about how to support one another through difficult times. Additionally, The Salvation Army strengthens families through counseling, educational programs, medical and dental services. Instructions in parenting, budgeting, and nutrition are also offered through Life Skills classes. The Family Caring Center's purpose is to provide residents the tools for independent living so they can succeed when they return to their communities and begin to build a new life.


 Emergency Disaster Services

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our Emergency Disaster Services department is on-call to provide clothing, food, clean-up assistance and shelter to victims of crisis. We are on the scene of fires, floods and other disasters in Western PA, distributing meals,drinks and comfort services to relief workers and victims.

The Salvation Army is among those first on scene when the disaster strikes. Staffed largely by volunteers, and led by a professional team, the EDS department also mans an emergency radio communication network (SATERN) that speeds assistance efforts. All over our 28-county Western Pennsylvania Division, Salvation Army EDS volunteers are providing a hot cup of coffee and a warm heart to first responders and victims.





The Salvation Army has been recognized by numerous agencies and experts in the field of philanthropy and leadership as one of America's best loved and best run charities.

  • "The Salvation Army's response on September 11th was impressive. Army officers and volunteers by the hundreds headed to New York City without even being asked." -Marvin Olasky, The Wall Street Journal, November 2001
  • "By far, the most effective organization in the U.S. No one even comes close to it in respect to clarity of mission, ability to innovate, measurable results, dedication and putting money to maximum use." - Peter Drucker, Forbes Magazine, August 1997

Sometimes, our clients can say it even better:

  • "Every time I think of what you have done for us, I cry tears of joy. You not only provided my family with a Christmas miracle, but you have given this family a flame of hope - and to think, we were only praying for a spark!" - Parents of four children, Carnegie
  • "I was traumatized. I was beside myself thinking I could have been in that car when the tree came down. I had limited insurance and I needed a way to get to work, but The Salvation Army said they would do their best to help me with getting another car. With their help, I was able to get a nice used one with all the amenities. I told the folks at my Bible study that I just kept running into blessings after that tornado." - A grandmother who was affected by the 1993 tornado, Shadyside

Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue to serve others.